80% AR10 Lower Receiver Overview

In many respects, manufacturing an AR10 Lower Receiver, requires the same procedures as that of the AR15. However, the difference between both…is in their intricate details. To be able to build an AR10 Lower Receiver, it is assumed that those reading this article, already know a thing or two about AR15. Many rookies might wonder what an AR10 is. Well, an AR10 is a more complex and intricate version of the AR15. It is actually the original model of the ARs. Hence, on the flipside, it is safe to say that technically, the AR15 is the less complex version of the AR 10. AR10 is used mainly for rifles built by Armalite. AR10 is a quite synonymous with any AR styled rifle that has the full sized built chamber capacity. AR10 is also chambered for the NATO 7.62 or the .308. Just like in the AR15 system, there are quite a number of caliber options that are available via the AR10 path, e.g. 243 Win, 257Roberts, 35Rem, 6.5 Creedmore, 300Savage, 7mm-08, and more.

AR10s are obviously not as badass as the AR15s. The AR15s have also officially been adopted for usage by the US government. This has thus helped to standardize everything that pertains to AR15s. Every part actually now fits perfectly into each other, irrespective of being of different brands. All you have to do is to look out for any omission in the small details. Much care is need in selecting parts for building your custom lower receiver, and this is because AR10s are not standardized. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t build your custom AR10 Lower Receiver. You just have to be extra careful in doing so.

As far as AR10s are concerned, there are just three companies that make even as little as bolt carriers for the AR10s. These companies are HP Rifles, DPMS, and Armalite. JP Rifles’ BCG is only compatible with DPMS. Those who opt to use AR15 tube buffers with the DPMS system, would need a heavy buffer and a custom short. DPMS has in recent times, changed the upper rail height of their AR10 system. So whenever you are in need of compatible rails, ensure that your rail height matches your upper receiver. These could be either the original ones or the low cost ones. Any of them would do.

The Armalite school of thought is actually the pioneer manufacturers of the AR 10. That is one thing in which they pride themselves. They have over time stamped their authority as superb barrel builders, a build only for themselves. One of such barrels include November. The only issue or problem with them is that their magazine is rather a proprietary one. Hence it might be difficult to use some other magazines with their AR10 system. Their magazines are built from metal. Their AR10 Lower Receiver parts are exclusive.

The DPMS school of thought doesn’t really value the AR 10. Here, AR 15 is king. The DPMS has more postmarked support. This is simply because their lower receivers are mostly made of AR 15 parts, as well as the buffer tube. However, their magazines are made by different companies entirely. One of which is Magpaul, which has built a polymer magazine for DPMS’ AR 10. As it currently stands, this is the only polymer magazine that has been built for any AR 10 system today. Get more information on the 80% AR10 Lower Receiver.